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Massachusetts Progressive Politics and other news of the world


MA Blog Roundup

Got nothing to say, but others sure do.

Bob at Blue Mass is calling on Moran to censure McCauley about the BU Student disenfranchisement in the 18th Suffolk District Special Election:
The Ward 22 Democratic Committee, led by newly prominent member Mike Moran, should censure McCauley and remove him from the Ward Committee to demonstrate its opposition to voter intimidation. Moran has his first test of leadership.
Blue Mass has been all over this issue, start here and then go here for more. Fred Clarkson also weighs in and asks where the outrage is. This is something to show your friends.

In other news, .08 has boiled down Big Dig gubernatorial politics to its essence:
Therefore, if the Big Dig is a government problem, people may be more likely to vote Republican in 2006. If, on the other hand, the Big Dig is seen as a corporate problem, the Democrats would be the ones who would traditionally have credibility in reigning in corporations.
Chris at Left-Center-Left also had a good Big Dig post this week.

It's criminal to point to just one post at Romney Is A Fraud -- but Ben has a contest (scroll down to "Whacko Willard Mitt")
According to press reports, Willard Mitt - aka, the Most Moral Man in Massachusetts - last week "celebrated" his 58th birthday by arriving at his State House party dressed like accused child-molester (or is it alleged child-molester?) Michael "Jacko" Jackson. Romney was purportedly dressed in pajama pants, a white glove, sunglasses, and "flanked by aides holding umbrellas." (source: Boston Herald, 3/14/2005)
The problem is the story is not online and there are no pictures to be found. Be the first to send a pic to Ben and win "a meat pie, and a Rich 'Mr. Potato Head' Gedman baseball card, circa 1987".

3rd Berkshire Commentary from The Eagle

The Eagle has an insightful editorial summing up the election:
The short election cycle made it tough for any competitor, even one as talented as Rhonda Serre, to break out and establish themselves in the public consciousness. More time for a discussion on the issues may have brought out significant differences between the candidates, but with the candidates in general agreement on key issues, the Democratic machine had the field to itself. If anyone wondered whether Pittsfield's Democratic political machine still works, they have their answer.
Read it for some interesting insights on Malumphy, Kinnas and Kerwood as well.

Use The Primary to Build the Base

.08 has a link to an op-ed in the Globe from "another crank" (former Democratic state senator and gubernatorial candidate George Bachrach) who is against the new party rules -- he says:
We need just the opposite. We need open and spirited campaigns that support bold, independent candidates. We need Democratic nominees who offer a progressive vision and an alternative plan, not an echo of the Republican Party or a front for Beacon Hill power brokers and Democratic interest groups.

If the Democratic Party finds a candidate with courage and vision and independence, then the party will unify, no matter how many candidates emerge from a convention or when the primary is held. Reducing the candidate pool via these misguided reforms only reduces the chance of finding that candidate.
We need all types of candidates within the big-tent of the Democratic party -- no one candidate can appeal to the various wings, so we need to have them all covered in the primary.

I welcome Conservative and Moderate Democrats to make their case, and I want Progessives to make theirs. The primary should be used to draw in volunteers to all of the candidates -- all of the campaigns should be registering voters and getting out the vote for the primaries, because the work they do in the primary is the basis for how we win the general. Having a long primary season gives each candidate a chance to grow the base. If they each concentrated on attacking Romney instead of each other, they wouldn't need a long recovery after it. I want a pledge from each candidate to whole-heartedly support the winner if they lose.

In general, supporting the party outside of your wing should be valued and encouraged. Working against the nominee should be punished. Finneran, Golden and their ilk do not help the party when they support our opponents or marginalize our nominees. The "big tent" need not cover these clowns.

Election Recap

Fred Clarkson provides an analysis of the election results:
It's the first day of the post-Finneran era.

Tom Finneran who served for twenty-six years in the Massachusetts House, including eight as speaker, has finally been replaced in one of the three Democratic special election primaries to fill recent House vacancies.

Finneran's successor, Linda Dorcena Forry, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, is a progressive where Finneran was conservative. And she epitomizes not only a new era of progressive Democratic reform in Massachusetts politics, but an opening to women and people of color in an institution that has been notable for relative lack of both. Since there is no opponent in the April 12th general election, Forry is the representative elect. The two Finneran loyalists who saw the writing on the wall and departed closely on the heels of their benefactor, also bear little ideological resemblance to their apparent successors.
True -- although Rhonda Serre was my preference, it's hard to be unhappy with Speranzo -- he put together a coalition of Labor that progressives should respect and ran a progressive campaign. Congratulations, Chris.

Speranzo Wins

Capital 9 is calling it for Speranzo. Stunningly low turnout even considering expectations. The other news is that in the GOP primary, Kinnas won by 10 votes. Thought Kerwood would kill him, but apparently Republicans don't like voting for Democrats. Based on this race, Speranzo starts with at least a 5:1 advantage.

3rd Berkshire Returns

Can't find on the Boston Globe -- NY Capital News 9 has it.

Thanks Mitt

Mitt Romney failed to secure a positon on the base closing board for Massachusetts. This despite his personally lobbying W.
Gov. Mitt Romney on Friday asked President Bush to appoint a Northeast representative to the panel charged with recommending military base closings.

"I note with serious concern that each of the six people recommended by the Senate and House leaders hails from west of the Mississippi River,'' Romney wrote in a letter sent to Bush on Friday. "To address the current geographic imbalance, I urge you to include among your nominees at least one individual from the Northeast region of the country.''
So, Mitt is pretty much useless to us. This shows the fallacy of voting for Romney because he has Bush's ear.


Last message from D4MA
Rhonda Serre - 3rd Berkshire (Pittsfield)
Email for more information.
Campaign website:

Rhonda Serre's Economic Development Plan

Rhonda Serre has a released an economic development plan for Pittsfield
PITTSFIELD -- Rhonda Serre, who is running for the Democratic nomination for the state House seat for the 3rd Berkshire District, has put forward her plan for encouraging growth and promoting new jobs in the state, particularly in Pittsfield.

"I propose a shift in the direction of economic development in Massachusetts," Serre said. "We usually think we need to look beyond our borders to find opportunity. I propose that opportunity is right here, right now. We have local entrepreneurs and local businesses that are leaders in their industry and have a history of supporting our city. The government should recognize their commitment with support and infrastructure improvements that will allow them to continue to grow right here at home."

Serre referred to an economic model developed in Colorado in the 1980s that she said found it was far more productive and expedient for a community to concentrate economic development efforts around home-grown companies that have exhibited a commitment to it and its work force.

"Pittsfield has access to all of the tools needed to implement a successful model of economic gardening in support of not only its creative economy, but in support of the plastics and manufacturing industries, the health-care community and the human services industry," said Serre. "If our community could come together under an economic gardening model to address the needs of existing employers, Pittsfield would be a statewide leader in the revitalization of the Massachusetts economy."

Article 8 Hit Job

Fred breaks some news on the 12th Suffolk race:
Typically, these groups issue distorted attacks on anything to do with homosexuality, but especially efforts by the public schools to try to teach about it and to promote tolerance and understanding. These distortions become further magnified in the heat of an election campaign.

Now, the PRC/Article 8 Alliance has issued a campaign flyer -- a last-minute hit piece -- which it is mailing and otherwise distributing around the 12th Suffolk District prior to Tuesday's Democratic primary to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of former House Speaker Tom Finneran. According to the Alliance, the Kerby Roberson campaign is collaborating in the distribution of the flyer.
References and links are in the original post.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow ...

GOTV info from D4MA.

The Revolution Will Be Blogged

Fred Clarkson has a round-up of the MA blogger activity on the special elections. I haven't been following the other races as much as the Pittsfield race, so it was good to see what was up in them. It's the final stretch -- so all Democrats should get out, work and get ready for the general elections.

Update: Fred cross-posted to DailyKos, where there is some interesting discussion around this topic.
Frederick - thank you for your series on the special elections. When Tim Schofield's name first came up in early January at a meeting of the Cambridge DfA steering committee, it was your blog about the MA special elections that I first turned to to learn more about the situation. The result was that we decided, at that steering committee meeting, to invite someone from the Schofield campaign to our Cambridge meetup that month, and I also talked about Schofield at the next DfA meetups in Newton and Boston. By February, support for Schofield had coalesced in all three meetup groups, and we were sending volunteers regularly. [read the rest of this comment]